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Give Your Front Door a Facelift

When your home is ready for a facelift, your entryway should be the first consideration. Most of the time, homeowners don’t think much about their front doors. If a door serves its purpose: keep the kids in, unwelcomed visitors out, and protect from harmful weather, then doors are almost entirely forgotten—unless they stop closing, locking, or until the holiday season rolls around and we use them to hang our festive wreaths.

But do you realize that outside doors are today’s No. 1 home improvement project?

If we really think about it the importance of an entry way door, that makes sense. If you live in a neighborhood, people are constantly walking or driving by your home. Your front door is the first impression visitors have of you. Updating your entryway with a door system, or a low maintenance but energy efficient door, is an easy and popular home improvement project that gives great mileage for the money invested!

If you want to improve your home’s appearance and value, it would be wise to contact a professional remodeler who can advise you on what you can—and can’t do—given your home’s entry openings. A professional will be able to steer you towards the perfect product that fits your home—and also offer you choices within that parameter to express your taste and enhance your home’s architectural style.

An expert will comfortably guide you through many choices and remove as much of the “wrong choice” as possible. For example, a professional can advise you on which door will best fit your present opening, explain how easily you could modify your entry if desired, and discuss what material—fiberglass or wood—will best suit your expectations.

If you want glass, an expert will direct you to the most energy efficient choice. Other questions an expert will help you answer are:

1. Do you want to paint or stain the door yourself or are you interested in a comprehensive complete product?

2. Do you want a grained or smooth surface?

3. How long do you expect your door to last?

4. Which door style, sidelights, transoms, trim, handles, and locks do you prefer?

If your head is already swimming, remember these are just basic foundational choices. From this point, a professional will easily help you build an entry system that will transform the entire look of your home.

Also keep in mind; before you get carried away with all the style choices, the main purpose of the entry system is functionality. You may have your heart set on a HGTV award-winning masterpiece of a door, but if it is mis-measured or ill fitted, it will not make the good impression you were hoping—it would be a huge money-wasting disappointment.

A professional installation is essential to transforming your vision into a reality. Don’t risk having the first impression of your home be less than perfect. If you are ready to update your front door, call us at Pro Remodeling! We want to help you create the prefect entry way to your home.

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