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Home Costs Don't Let Your Wallet Make The Choice!

When facing a home improvement cost, a homeowner must decide between choosing which product to buy or which company to use, and usually their wallet makes that choice. It’s tempting to allow the most important factor in making this decision to be the price. In some cases, the salespersons ability to sell the product decides this question for the homeowner—rather than the actual worth of the product or service.

Like you, I want a product that looks great, works well, solves my problems, outperforms my expectations, and lasts forever— but I also want to pay just as little as possible. Let’s face it, that’s not reality. There is hardly any product or service that can’t be made for a lot less and sold for a little or a lot cheaper. This being considered, the question now becomes what did the company or person selling the product or service cut out to reduce the cost? According to John Ruskin, “the common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot. It can’t be done.” We all have felt the victory of getting something at a lower price, only to feel the bitter disappointment of the product not doing what it was intended to do.

So, where was the cost cut? Maybe it was it in the durability of the product, or the required customer service should something go wrong? Was your contractor simply lacking workmanship of the installation? Quality labor does come with a price. Maybe the hired company cut production costs by choosing not to buy the necessary Workman’s Comp or liability insurance—leaving the homeowner at risk. Maybe he used a product of lesser quality, or even worse, cut corners by leaving out some of the materials altogether—materials which were necessary to satisfy your cities code. Is the lower price company your considering even licensed or bonded? Is your installation to be performed by a subcontractor—whose main interest is making as much money as possible, to the extent that he is willing to sacrifice conscientiousness installation for speed? You should really research these companies and products and not let your wallet decide to go with the lower home improvement cost, because you may pay more in the long run.

It’s not wise to pay too much for a service, but it is also unwise to pay too little. For example, if you are counting on this home remodeling project to be the last one before you sell, spend the money to do it right. If you try to cut corners and this home renovation lasts only 5 years instead of 15 years, did you really save money? Looking ahead 5 years, I guarantee that the same products, labor, and insurance, everything that contributes to the cost of a project, will cost more. You may have saved a few hundred or a few thousand dollars the first time, but you may end up paying for the whole project twice. If the product or service you bought was not even capable of performing the thing you bought it to do, how much money did you save? NOTHING. In fact and worse yet, you actually wasted your money.

These are a just a few pointers to consider beyond the price of your project. When your wallet is tight, don't let it convince you to go with a lower home cost at the expense of quality work. Pro Remodeling has over 27 years of doing business in the Peru / La Salle area, and we’ve learned that cutting corners or lower prices most often means less quality and more risk for homeowners. Come to us with your home improvements! We offer quality work at a fair price. Guaranteed.

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