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Common Vinyl Siding Questions


Q: What are some good reasons to replace Siding?

A: There are three excellent reasons to replace your Siding, which every Homeowner should consider:

  1. If you Side your house now, you will save valuable time. We have a friend that decided to paint his home because he thought he couldn’t afford siding. Whenever he had free time during the painting season, he painted. His house was large, so he had to painted it every summer. The good thing was, He always had a great tan, but his golf game was non-existent and he only dreamed of fishing and playing ball with the kids? Worst of all,  when he finally finished painting his house, it was time to start all over again. Tell me, is this how you want to spend your summer? No? Well let Pro Remodeling Side your house for you and give you your life back! 

  2. Siding your home will increase its resale value. Maybe your one of those people who don’t mind painting, and you actually like the quaintness of stucco or pebble dash, but what about your home’s next owner? You may be young enough to provide exterior upkeep, but your prospective home buyer may not be. Don’t disqualify your home from being sold or be forced to discount the asking price because your home’s exterior is out-date. It's worth noting that Fiber Cement Siding is listed this year as the number one home improvement to add value to your home! That's reason enough for us! 

  3. Siding your home reduces your energy bill. After windows and doors, your walls are responsible for the highest amount of energy loss. If you’re not sure of your walls’ insulation value, upgrading your existing Siding to a current energy efficient siding system with advanced technology, is a sure investment. Even new homes profit from Siding Upgrades, because builders often use low grade materials in new construction, which result in more problems down the road. Who knows what insulating imperfections and leaks are being hidden by your existing Siding? Keep in mind that from 2004 to 2008, the price of natural gas tripled! Choose to side your home with today’s energy efficient systems and save more money on your home’s energy bill.

Q: My husband and I are fixing up our home to put on the market. Would you suggest updating the paint on the exterior or installing vinyl siding?

A: Yes! Vinyl Siding can add equity to your house, which means a higher asking price for you! Fiber Cement Siding is listed this year as the number one home improvement to add value to your home.


Q: Is getting new siding worth the financial costs?

A: Yes! Just like any other home improvement project, installing new Siding will come with a cost, but the benefits you get from it far outweigh it. Vinyl Siding gives your home an instant face lift, boosting curb appeal and making your home more aesthetically appealing. Additionally, new Siding also helps to cut back on energy costs for your home because it maintains heat and coolness better!


Q. Who are your manufactures? 

A. Pro Remodeling works with many different manufactures. Here is a list. Click on the links below to learn more about our manufacturers. If you don’t see your preferred manufacturer on our list, please contact us at (815) 224-3371–we’re good at finding alternative solutions.


Flooring - Armstrong, Bruce FlooringShaw Laminate Flooring


Siding - Mastic Home ExteriorsRoyal Building ProjectsEMCO Building Projects


Deck & Fence - AZEKPinnacle Quick Rail SystemFypon, LtdFiberon


Window Replacement - AndersonVista WindowsPlyGemJeld Wen WindowsRenewal by Andersen


Entry Systems - ThermatruProvia


Patio Doors - ProviaPlyGem, Vista WindowsThermatru


Cabinets & Countertops - ArmstrongDura SupremeMaxwell CountersL/G Hausys Systems,  Medallion Cabinetry 



At Pro Remodeling, we want to help you make the best buying decision for your Home Renovation Project. We believe that when you have the right information, you will be more confident in your decision. So we have provided a list of questions you should ask any Contractor you are considering hiring.


Remember Before You Sign That Contract:

  1. Be Specific: Make sure all planned renovations are outlined in writing. Include each detail and an agreed on price. Request that Change Orders be written and priced out if any additional services beyond the original scope of the contract (that are either necessary to complete the original job or requested by you the homeowner) are provided.

  2. Be Secure: Make sure your contractor is trustworthy and solvent by asking: "How long he’s been in business?" "How he is rated by the Better Business Bureau?" "Will he will provide a list of previous clients with similar projects?"  "Can he prove that he pays his suppliers on time?" And finally,  "Can he prove he is in good standing with his bank?" Knowing these answers will help you make an informed decision. 

  3. Set Your Standards: Ask whether his workers are actual Company Employees. Are they managed directly by him? Having direct employees working on projects guarantees you can expect a standard level of competency, but if he hires subcontractors (who may have a varied standard by which they measure their work), you may want to rethink your decision. Don't forget to ask if the labor and materials come with any guarantee.

  4. Hire Locally: Ask where his company is located. Does he have an office? Is he local? Is his labor local? Will the money you spend stimulate the local economy?

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